From: Dean Brown

Dear Future Bridegroom,

I am writing this letter because I have something very important to tell you about, in fact this could be the most important thing that you are ever going to read relating to your wedding and your role as the bridegroom.

If I told you that you could have your wedding speech written in 30 seconds and it would be one of those speeches that will make you an instant hero among all the guests, (maybe even helping you get into your father-in-law's good books!) would you be interested?

Before I begin, just between you and me, we know that writing a speech is no easy feat.

You're constantly worried about whether it's good enough, whether it flows, what people will think of you if you mess up and how the hell your going to be able to stand up in front of a huge group of friends and relatives and make a great speech.

That's how it was for Jon, only difference, his wedding was telecast on Live TV!

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You can be just like Jon.

But I digress... Let me back up for a second and say hi.

Hi, I'm Dean Brown, author and specialist wedding speech writer. I've been in the business for 15 years, believe me when I say  I've been there and done that.

I know how it's like to be nervous, I know how its like to be totally unprepared. Believe me I know exactly what it's like, I had the same problem.

About fifteen years ago, I decided to go on bended knee and asked my girlfrined of three years to marry me. And she said "YES!"

I was pretty damn happy with that.

Everything seemed to be going alright, the invites were sent out, the venue was perfect... and then it occurred to me.

"I had not done my wedding speech and vows!"

I was really stunned, it hadn't even occurred to me that in a few days, I would have to stand up in front of hundreds of people and deliver a speech ...

In fact I was beyond stunned....

I was flat out SCARED...

But I couldn't just avoid the speech, it was something that needed to be done, so I pretended that I was really happy and excited about it in front of my wife-to-be.

But like I said... I wasn't.

I was worried.

I hated public speaking.

Always did.

And my sense of humor was nearly as dry as my accountants.

But all of a sudden now I had to stand in front of nearly 200 people and deliver this speech, I really did convince myself that they would boo me off stage and my wife would end up giving me THAT look.

I put off the speech writing for weeks and then I finally decided that I couldn't ignore it any more, I had to start this stupid speech.

I went down to the local library and took a look at the books they had on writing a wedding speech, looking back I can see why people invented the internet.

It was really like reading a 432 page text book on the subject of writing a wedding speech, and it was all THEORY!

There was absolutely nothing in there that actually made sense to me, I mean I really didn't need to know what the word wedding speech is in Latin, did I?


Now I really need to tell you at this point I was really worried, the wedding was in 2 weeks and I hadn't even started on the speech, I had tried everything I could think of, I just didn't know where to start.

Then an idea hit me, I would hire someone to write my wedding speech, those guys do it all day right? They must know what their doing!


That's what they quoted me to do the wedding speech for.

But I was desperate so I gave them my credit card details.

In fact I hid that from my wife, I thought to myself I would mention it later after this whole stressful "wedding" thing was over...

Two weeks later I got my speech in the mail.

The only problem...

MY FIANCEE OPENED the letter first, and she went CRAZY at me...

After a while of yelling and me trying to listen without zoning out, she said something that really stopped me in my tracks...

That one thing blew me away...

And it was TRUE!

These mail order companies were doing just that!

So I thought to myself why not go fight back and go and do what there doing, except charge a TINY amount of what they were, and stop the little people like us from being ripped off...

After 12 months locked in my basement and investing thousands of dollars in professional speech writing...

After 12 months of intensive research and work I compiled a collection of the greatest bridegroom speeches and put them into templates to make it quick and easy for you.

All you need is to change a few words around and you'll have your speech finished.

These speeches are always updated with the times so nobody will be able to tell you used a template!

They're funny yet at the same time serious and memorable and most importantly, proven to work over and over again (It'll be really hard to screw this up!)

Not only that but these are almost identical, if not better, compared to the high cost consultants that charge up to $499 to write your speech for you - and you won't pay nearly that much.

In fact just take a moment and imagine..

Yes, some of the jokes in the templates will have your audience swearing you're a professional stand up comedian.

You won't have to worry about freezing up or people not understanding what your saying.... people all over the world have used these templates to deliver amazing speeches that sound completely unique.

I can certainly see how you'd think that.

After all... this is the guide you've been looking for such a long time.

More than a guide, it's a whole step-by-step, handed on a silver platter, amazing bridegroom speeches you have dreamed about doing, making your wedding all the more perfect.

And now, for a limited time only...

But before you make a decision:

Not only that but also you get my unbeatable...

I need to know whether you're with me or not. Don't waste your time continuing reading if you aren't dead serious about giving a great speech.

Your best and sure-fire way to deliver your dream, mind-blowing speech, is only with the 'A Good Speech Ultimate Edition'.

It's like you're staring at two roads ahead.

One road leads you to this scenario... a few days from now you will still be fully stressing about writing a speech, freaking out about getting up in front of a bunch of drunk people, friends, family & trying to think of something funny to say, lying awake with insomnia at night.

Then there's the other road. The one where all your problems are solved, all doubts removed and you'll be relaxed, confident that you're going to deliver a memorable and funny speech which everyone will love and being able to thank your wife with the most amazing words which she truly deserves.

Which way you turn will affect the rest of your life. So what's it going to be?

The bumpy, pothole-filled road of uncertainty which will lead to you 'winging' your speech, eventually crashing and burning... leading to an uneasy silence and groans from the crowd...

Or... the newly paved road to your fabulous speech, leading to a dream night and congratulations all round!

You already know the answer. You won't be reading this if you didn't.


Sincerest wishes on your wedding speech,

P.S Remember... it doesn't matter if it's your first time, how nervous wedding speeches make you or even if you've never written two sentences by yourself. A Good Speech will give you that dream speech... the center of attention and the confidence to deliver it. This isn't just a promise... It's guaranteed in writing!

P.P.S. -Since I mentioned the guarantee, let me clarify... I don't want you to think there's a certain scenario that must take place in order for you to ask for your money back. Let me state as directly and clearly as I can...

If you sign up and are unhappy for any reason at all, just write me for a refund and you'll have every last penny of your money back in your hands within 72 hours. It's that easy!

P.P.P.S.- This is the last time I'll remind you. The low $27 price for the Ultimate Edition will go away very soon. If you click away now, you may never see it again.

Isn't it time you get confident? Isn't it time you stop worrying about your speech? Isn't it time you sign up for A Good Speech Ultimate Edition ?



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